Haulage services

Value-Added Warehousing Solutions.

We also have a fleet of haulage trucks that are available to transport your cargo to their destinations, safely and timely at a more preferential rate than you as an individual can obtain.

All our trucks have tracking devices installed on them which makes it easy to track them.

Forming the starting point of the company some forty ­five years ago, Aviance Shipping Ltd boasts a large fleet of lorries, fully equipped with the latest safety features to ensure the safest possible interface with cyclists and pedestrians. With the latest government focus being placed on the safe co-existence of both cyclists and lorries.

In addition, Aviance Shipping environmental considerations have resulted in a signifi­cant reduction in the amount of waste con­verted to landfi­ll – making recycling and reuse of materials an imperative factor in the management and operation of our fleet. GPS Tracking is used to monitor each lorry, allowing for responsive mobilisation periods and efficient route planning to help keep emissions to a minimum.

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